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Bio green R.O system ROC-720(new compact)

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Bio green R.O system ROC-720(new compact)

 System Bio Green Used High Quality Carbon

. Reduce organic chemicals such as pesticides,herbicides.
. Reduce the unhealthy chlorine.
. Removes odor undesirable taste in the water.

Bio Green ROC – 720 Quick Change R/O System
. Premium Performance
. Advance Design
. Superior Value

Simply The Best of the BEST!

Much Quicker Than Traditional  System
. Quick Change Carttridge R/O System
. Change Filter With A Single ¼ Turn Twist
. Drinking Water Without  Harmful Substances

“ ROC – 720 Is The World’s Most
  Elegant Water System
   That Is Also The World’s Most
  Attractive Water System”
BIO GREEN ROC – 720   :    

Is A Modern Kitchen Appliance That Has Been 
Designed With Health Consciousness, Efficiency High 
Performance And Convince In Mind.
Uses Reverse Osmosis (RO) Technology Which Is Recognized As  
The Most Effective At Significantly Reducing A Large Number 
Contaminants That Maybe In Your Water. No Other Home
Water Treatment Offers You As Much Protection And Reliability.


1.  4 – Way Shutoff Valve 

2.  5 Stages Filter

  1st     :  QCC Sediment Filter
 2nd    :  QCC Carbon Filter
  3rd     :  QCC Carbon Filter
  4th     :  50GPD Membrance 
  5th     :  In-Line Carbon Filter 

3.  Standart Long Reach Brass Faucet
4.  Storage Tank 2.2 Gallons (Built – in)
5.  Included Tubes, Water Feed Adapter, Ball Valve… etc
6.  E-Z Fittings Connect Are Available
7.  Operating Pressure : ≤ 50PSI
8.  LED Indicator To Show Water TDS
9.  Leaking Device Is Available
10.  Dimensions (LxWxH)  :  240x430x420m/m
All – in – One (Built – in tank)
.  Easy installation
.  Fits Conveniently Under Any Kitchen Sink
.  Compact In Size
Easy – to – Maintain (No tools required for replacemants)
Functional components have been passed 100 000 times strict cycle
Testing under 125psi water pressure and burst testing
.  All food grade materials for water contacted components. 
~Quality WATER for Quality LIFE~